doogiePIM version update

  • Browser
    • New | CEF updated to 95.0.4638.54 with latest privacy and security fixes.
    • New | When multiple languages are chosen, the latest selection will take priority pushing en-GB/US to the end.
    • New | “Save Image As” has options to save as PNG or JPG.
    • Fixed | Resource memory improvements when downloading files.
  • Calendar
    • New | Resources with Calendar URLs (Google etc) can be automatically downloaded and updated every x minutes. See Calendar Settings.
  • Dashboard
    • New | Blank subjects are now shown as “blank” to make selection easier.
  • Documents & Rich Text Editors
    • New | Background of comments and notes take on the theme background unless a default template overrides it.
  • Messages
    • New | Viewing of pdf/text/image attachment is shown in a new tab.
  • V3
    • New | Created a new build branch for Linux. Currently testing under Zorin 16, Ubuntu 20+ using Wine version 6.0.1.
    • Improvements | Data Sync to Android app reconnects automatically when in range.


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