doogiePIM version

  • Internal
    • New | doogie will now detect any code issues and will automagically send me at what point doogie decided to have a tantrum. Data is sent secured and doesn’t contain any of your database or machine details.
      No need to send me the Dev/Bug Report text file. However, extra information to support any issues is always welcome.
    • Improved | Improved stability over GDI resources. (thx George)
    • Fixed | Minor installation error for some ttf/otf files which are already installed.
  • Browser
    • New | WidevineCDM will now download and update itself automagically when needed, such as for Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, NetFlix, and other streaming sites where digital content is managed.
    • New | CEF updated to 94.0.4606.61 with latest privacy and security fixes.
    • New | Tabs list added to right-click context menu of webpage.
    • New | Holding Control key whilst using mousewheel will zoom the web page in and out.
  • Contacts
    • Improved | Custom Fields data input has been improved making it easier to enter details.
  • Dashboard
    • New | Clicking on the Last Backup date in the header area will start a new backup.
  • Documents
    • New | Save button had wrong icon on external editor toolbar (thx Randall).
  • Messages
    • New | The commands “Go To Next/Previous Unread” is no longer restrained to the current folder but will go to the nearest Unread folder, continuing navigation.
    • Fixed | Redundant Close button removed (thx Rob).
    • Fixed | Messages tab icon will animate when checking for messages.
    • Fixes In Progress | Removal of the need to assign Gmail 2FA App Passwords and using OAuth instead (thx All).
  • Reports
    • New | Main icon changed for Reports so it doesn’t look like an attachment.
  • Resources
    • Fixed | Resources Card View showing thumbnails (thx Joachim).
  • Settings
    • Improved | Changing Icon Size using spinboxes takes into account the current desktop DPI.
  • UI
    • Fixed | Hold down Control when clicking on Favourites will create a new tab otherwise will replace the URL on the current tab, unless tab is a section tab.
    • Fixed | Tab icon for websites show as a symbol with the first letter of domain for faster identification.
    • Fixed | Error message when Calendar Event Reminder Alarm is invoked.


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