doogiePIM version update

  • Internal
    • Fixed | An important update to fix the startup of a database when using non-British localised language.


Version | 5 September 2021
  • Bookmarks
    • Fixed | Navigator Folder Tree now updates when updating or adding folders in a different folder tree window.
  • Browser
    • New | Selecting from the browser language selection will now add to the languages, enabling one to choose more than one language.
    • New | Added Reset button to browser language selection which defaults back to English.
    • New | Added further privacy-focused search engines to the Web Research options.
  • Calendar
    • New | Added “Menu/File/Import/Import from ICS Web Address” and new icon. This will import directly into the Calendar onto that specific Resource any Events delivered by the specified Resource’s iCal URL.
    • Improved | Resource header display improvements and better text contrast.
    • Fixed | Month view display glitch on day number.
    • Fixed | Clock and date font colour in Dark theme.
    • Fixed | When in single day view the date text display will reduce accordingly.
  • Dashboard
    • New | Added option in Customisation Style to change font of the Quote Of The Day.
    • Improved | When Task section records are updated, the Dashboard refreshes accordingly.
  • Documents
    • Improved | Increased width of Text Colour Bar to make it easier to click on larger monitors.
    • Fixed | Spell As You Type markers are now reset when document is in the process of a spell check.
    • Fixed | Changed Zoom icons on bottom right to more a meaningful design.
  • Finance
    • New | “Add New Spreadsheet” icon added to Navigator Toolbar.
  • Messages
    • Fixed | Managing Mail Accounts window no longer locks focus from main window.
  • Resources
    • New | [EXPERIMENTAL] Added new field “ICS Web Address”. Enter a Google iCalendar URL or other iCalendar format address into here.
    • Improved | Custom Fields data input has been improved. If this feels better, I will set other sections to the same layout and behaviour.
    • Fixed | Custom Fields display in list grid.
    • Fixed | Font text colour when editing in Dark theme.
    • Fixed | Custom Fields shown in the HTML Record Details.
  • Search & Indexing
    • New | Added setting in “Search & Indexing” to set the Database Search as a tab with a URL of doogie://search.
    • New | Search Index “doosi” file has been renamed to “dox” and now uses AES-256 encryption. You should rebuild your Search Index.
    • Fixed | Document search Case Sensitive setting.
  • Settings
    • New | Ability to toggle the URL hint on tabs, added to UI behaviour.
    • Improved | Tidy up of various settings.
    • Fixed | Column automatic sizing is now off by default.
  • Tasks
    • Fixed | Placing cursor in the Task Editor reference fields no longer jumps to the Recurrence details.
  • User Interface
    • New | Added a variety of icons for Flag Markers. Found in the Edit Flag Markers window.
    • New | Added a variety of icons for Folders. Found in the Folder Properties style window.
    • New | Added a variety of icons for Resources. Found in the Resource’s edit window.
    • New | Pressing Ctrl+NumPadPlus key shortcut will auto size columns and Ctrl+NumPadMinus will reset columns back to previous width.
    • New | List grid will now auto-size columns when changing the visible property of a column from within the right-click list grid header menu.
    • Improved | Launching a URL from the Favourites Bar will create a new tab if the favourite URL hasn’t already launched otherwise it will focus that page tab.
    • Improved | Disabled command icons are now merged and faded into the background colour.
    • Improved | Increased size of drop down colour selector.
    • Fixed | Removed blank fields from list grid header columns when right-clicked.
  • Internal
  • New | Successful running on MacOS 11+ using Parallels 17 VM (Arm, M1).
  • Improved | Improved memory handling running on Windows 10 and 11.
  • Fixed | Deletion of deleted items. Deleting an item residing directly in the Deleted folder will Purge the item forever.


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