doogiePIM version update

  • Bookmarks
    • Fixed | Section toolbar command in View menu
  • Browser
    • Improved | Smooth Scroll setting now affects web browser
    • Improved | Improvements to recognition of invalid Certificates. Unsecured content now shows as a red screen
  • Contacts
    • Fixed | Added FileAs and FullName fields to Import of CSV and removed auto-generated name
  • Dashboard
    • Fixed | Background image remembers state between sessions
    • Fixed | Automatic refresh when marking Tasks
    • Fixed | Fixes and improvements to logic with Date Navigator and Side Bar placement
  • Documents
    • Fixed | “Spell As You Type” correctly locates a default dictionary
  • Messages
    • Fixed | Keyboard focus staying on list grid
    • Fixed | Alert sound for new messages will only play if there’s at least one new message
  • UI
    • New | Automatic resizing of listing columns is enabled by default. This is can be switched off in the UI settings
    • New | Side Panel toolbar is now a dropdown menu to account for increased number of options
    • New | Added a new options on right-click menu to change the source folder of the URLs displayed on the Blank Tab screen
    • New | Added options to show/hide/findPrevious/findNext in the top right corner Page Menu
    • New | Footer icon commands for show/hide section elements throughout
    • Fixed | Delete key now works (huzzah!) when editing folder names, task subject and other areas when edit is in a list grid
    • Fixed | Spin boxes made slightly wider to account for more larger figures
    • Fixed | Persistance of UI Icon style between each session. My fav is Outline. What’s yours?
    • Fixed | Colour of Horizontal Tabs now match the vertical tabs
    • Fixed | Horizontal Tabs placement in Setting has been fixed and improved
    • Fixed | Changing colour of Flag now immediately updates the flag markers edit window
    • Fixed | Window Caption font colour improved to stand out against constrasting backgrounds
    • Fixed | Favourites bar placement and changing the favourite folder is now in the Settings/Bookmarks
    • Improved | Square temporary icons replaced with actual icon designs
    • Improved | Added options to adjust placement of Address Bar
    • Improved | Flags and Categories now inserts a new item to the top by default instead of right at the end of the list
    • Improved | Various Record Cards text wrapping and background colours
    • Improved | Dark status bar caption now resizes itself to better fit the text and doesn’t get in the way of the mouse pointer
    • Improved | Changed top right Page Menu to three dots to make it easier to identify
    • Improved | Adjusted timings on Tab details popup and tooltips so they show a little quicker
    • Improved | Showing Related Links in the Side Panel is now disabled by default, so it defaults to the previous way of a tab in the item preview area
    • Improved | Page Search will now search immediately on the page whilst typing in the search box
    • Improved | Several dialogs should now centre themselves on the Desktop unless overriden by your custom placement
  • Internal
    • Fixed | Reduced the number of resources and memory throughout


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