doogiePIM version 3.381 update

doogiePIM version 3.381
  • Browser
    • New | CEF updated to 109.0.5414.120 with latest privacy and security fixes.
    • Improved | Download alert scales better with DPI.
    • New | Close Button added to vertical tabs along with a marker.
    • Improved | Better security acceptance when using banking sites such as NatWest.
  • Calendar
    • Fixed | Chinese characters sometimes appear in Calendar Comments/Notes.
  • Contacts
    • Fixed | Field tab order improved in Contact details edit window.
  • Messages
    • Fixed | Edit/Manage Email Accounts window can now be reopened without restarting doogie.
    • New | To make it easier to see unread messages the Card View background of Read messages will appear the same as the window background colour unless custom coloured.
  • Planner
    • Fixed | Planner Deleted properties windows is now accessible.
    • New | When inside the Planner section, the Refresh/Reload command next to the address bar will refresh the Planner events.
    • Fixed | Chinese characters sometimes appear in Planner Comments/Notes.
  • Tasks
    • Fixed | Placing cursor in the Task Editor reference fields no longer jumps to the Recurrence details.
  • UI
    • New | Border size thickness increased for windows which are not maximised making sizing easier with the cursor.


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